Community Education is off to a phenomenal start in River Falls!  Since the middle of Feb. we have already had more than 400 registrations!  The community seems to be very receptive to the idea and are very excited about our classes so far.  Here are just a few of the comments we have received from River Falls residents:

  • “Thrilled to see the Community Education Catalog!”
  • “Although I love living in River Falls, I was very disheartened that no such program existed here.  I am so thrilled that such a program exists now!”
  • “Wonderful job with community ed and the newsletter/program guide.  I am MORE than impressed by how quickly you pulled things together!”
  • “How wonderful to see community ed again!”
  • “THANK YOU for bringing a community ed program to River Falls!  I think it’s long overdue!”
  • “Thanks for all the hard work and effort that went into all of this, I appreciate it!”

My favorite story so far was shared by a friend of mine.  She said she attended a Super Bowl party and several of the guests had brought along their community ed catalogs.  They were very excited about the class offerings and tried to decide what to register for during the game!  It’s a pretty good day when community education trumps the Super Bowl!

Our Feb. classes have gone very well.  Beginning Knitting, Zumba, Custom Rod Building and Computers for Beginners have been very popular.  Our “Super Saturday for Women,” had 120 registrants.  Ladies enjoyed classes which included:  Rolled Truffles, Zumba, Flower Arranging and Power Nutrition.

Our upcoming classes include:

Smoothies and Shakes (Mar. 10th)
Beginning Sewing (Mar. 22nd)
What’s in Your Cupboard (Mar. 24th)
Basic Photography (Mar. 31)

Our spring and summer offerings will be included in the Parks and Recreation Activities Guide coming out Sat., March 12th in the Buyers Guide.  You may register for any of these classes by:

  • Going to
  • Calling 715-425-1830, ext. 1125
  • Mailing registration to Community Education, 818 Cemetery Rd., River Falls, WI  54022
  • Dropping by our office, located across from the Administrative Office in the River Falls High School.

If you have comments or suggestions for future classes or if you would like to teach a class, please email me at: